Digital therapy

Digital therapy is a new paradigm in healthcare that is characterised by the prominence of technology in the treatment of certain diseases.

This type of therapy is based on the use of software to prevent, manage or treat a medical condition or disease.

Digital therapy is a growing field and is becoming more popular as technology improves.

Below you can find answers to all your questions about DTx.

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What is digital therapy?

One could simply say that Digital Therapy (DTx) consists of software-driven therapeutic interventions capable of improving a person’s health in the same way as a drug would, i.e. capable of preventing, managing or treating a disorder or disease.

This is any non-pharmacological treatment provided by digital means (apps, computers, smart devices) and is primarily aimed at facilitating access to such therapy. They can be both physical therapies (such as those usually provided in a physiotherapist’s office) and psychological therapies.

Understanding digital therapy

Digital therapy consists of scientifically validated treatments provided in the form of software, which can make them more accessible and immediate to the majority of the world’s population.


It must meet the same high standards as medicines in terms of processing.

What is DTx for?

It is used to cure different kinds of illnesses, including chronic illnesses as we do at Cuavi. It is often an accompaniment to “classical” drug-based therapies.

What are the advantages of digital therapy?

They are all designed to have certain characteristics:

  • They may or may not be used in combination with drugs or other therapies:
  • They should optimise patient care and health
  • They incorporate the best technology related to:
    • Design
    • Clinical validation
    • Usability
    • Data protection
    • Constant monitoring

They are also approved by regulatory bodies that analyse risk, efficacy and usability. Finally, they provide intelligent and accessible tools for all patients.

When is it useful?

It is useful in all those clinical conditions where there is no single defined cause that can be addressed by a simple intervention or a single drug.

The most important things about DTx!

DTx are not the future, they are a reality today. Digital therapies are increasingly integrated into society and the healthcare ecosystem.

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